Friday, March 25, 2011

Back to normal -- whatever that is.....

So, the waiting game is over. Chris has returned from his three month deployment to Afghanistan. Praise the Lord. He sprained an ankle, pulled a muscle in his back and got cut with a rusty piece of metal but it is all good. War wounds of the good kind.
This past week has been an exciting week of homecomings. Last Thursday, Mandie Johnson's husband Brandon came home after a year deployment. I think she is the rock star.
Tuesday, Chris flew in and the kids didn't miss a beat. They jumped all over him and now we feel complete again. It's weird how he just walked back in and it has seemed like an effortless transition so far for us. I hope he feels the same. We love you Dad!
I can sleep a little easier and not worry about waking up late and having to rush Sydney around so she doesn't miss the bus. I can give up my trash duties and toilet cleaning duties -- my two most hated jobs. Laundry is a very close third but I think Rebekah Wilson really enjoys folding my laundry so I don't want to take that blessing away from her. She is welcome over anytime especially when there is freshly laundered clothes on my couch.
What a God send she was to my family while Chris was gone. God knows definately what you need and He will always provide even before you ask. Thank you Lord.
So, back to the hum drum of everyday life as we know it. Sure, I am still here with the kids all day and yes, they still test my limit most days but I know that he will come home to me at night and eat the food I cooked (even when it's not that great) and sleep in my bed and be there to kiss the kids goodnight and that makes me feel very blessed and safe.
I love you Chris and thanks for doing whatever it takes to take care of all of us.
I think the house definately got a lot crazier since he left. It seems like there is always an extra person or kids around and usually an extra mouth to feed or someone crashing on our house. But no matter what or how crazy, there is always love and everyone is welcome. Just give me extra warning so I can make sure the clothes are cleared off the couch.
Biggest hugs and warmest blessings.

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